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Future Projects

None of the projects above are completed
More then that I refer to most of those works as sketching a potential  
directions  to investigate.
Regarding "The Journey of the Screw "
With collaboration of Nitsan Tal (Question Everything Production)
we are working on a Documentary hopefully realest 2022

I am working towards a series of 7 screws, all identical in shape and size (like the original)
but each one from a different material
Creating a series-
that each one is unique (one of a kind ) and yet a part of a Series
(A similar Artistic act was done in the iChair Project with Metamorphosis-

I'm working on a screw sculpture witch will be identical to the original.




One of the Screw sculpture  I plan to use the metal of the car that I used to travel during the Journey of the Screw and this is way the car was transformed to a metal cube

Having a 3D model of the Original Screw sculpture, each one is welcome to choose the size of his/her missing screw and the material they believe is relevant.



In the Growing Sculptures – it developed to up-side down trees
and the next step is to grow fruit tress in this method  and see how it effects the brunching ,adding another aspect to the tension between the sky and gravity .  


Documentary: Sculptures under Risk


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